Advices - Buyers

Advices for Buyers

Process and Cost Categories

Harvest or breeding
All the formal and informal costs and non-limiting logistic costs of the producer (drying, shelling, peeling, cleaning, bagging, storage and initial transport on the village field and / or at the local market

Market Logistics
All official and informal non-transport cost, accumulated in the logistic process

All formal and informal costs related to transport services

Administrative costs

  • All formal and informal costs related to trade facilitation
  • (Customs, taxes, weighbridges and axle loads, export documents, customs fees and freight forwarders ...)

  • Bribes
    All illegal payments along the road

    Operations, Procedures and Cost Types
    • Loading on the farm
    • Losses consecutive to storage
    • Transport from the farm to the village or market
    • Shelling / peeling
    • Unloading costs
    • Storage or watching costs
    • Costs of bags and other packaging
    • The costs of repacking and truck loading
    • Cleaning and drying costs
    • Loading charges to the destination market
    • Storage costs to the destination market
    • Transportation costs to the destination
    • Transportation Agent fees
    • Costs due to loss of product during transport
    • Municipal taxes and market taxes
    • The charge of the shippers' council
    • Fees for phytosanitary services
    • Fees for eighbridges and axle loads
    • Fees for eighbridges and axle loads
    • Royalties of the consignment note
    • Royalties of the Chamber of Commerce stamp
    • Statistical fees: (1%) for WAEMU and (0.5%) for ECOWAS
    • Customs escort fees
    • Freight forwarding fees
    • illegal payments at police barriers
    • illegal payments at customs barriers
    • illegal payments at military police barriers
    • illegal payments at transport union barriers